what is clipping mask in alight motion

What is Clipping Mask in Alight Motion? A Comprehensive Guide.

Alight Motion is a video editing and motion graphics application offering a wide range of tools that enable users to create stunning videos with ease. Among these tools Clipping Mask is a tool that allows you to hide or reveal selective content of another layer. In this article, we will guide you about What is clipping mask in Alight Motion.

What is Clipping Mask?

The Clipping Mask is a powerful tool that enables you to mask a specific area of one layer with another layer. Bascially it allow you to create a relationship between two or more layer. For instance, imagine a picture with a circle and square shape on top of each other, where the circle layer is covering half of the rectangle layer. If you want to hide the extra part of the circle and mask it to the rectangle, you can easily do it using a clipping mask in Alight Motion.

Clipping Mask

To create a clipping mask, select the circle layer and click on the three dots located at the upper right corner. Then, click on “Create Clipping Mask” and you will see the results. The extra part of the circle will be hidden or removed. If you want to cover more parts of the rectangle, simply touch the screen and drag the circle accordingly. This is the power of a clipping mask in Alight Motion. You can also check the guide: How to create text animation in Alight Motion.

Importance of clipping Mask

The Clipping Mask is an essential tool in video editing, providing precise control and manipulation of project elements in a professional manner. It allows for the creation of intricate designs and effects by masking layers to show or hide specific parts of an element. The Clipping Mask serves various purposes, such as adding text effects, custom graphics and animation, and video layer manipulation. Using Clipping Mask, one can create unique and eye-catching videos.

Difference between Layer Mask and Clipping Mask?

In Alight Motion, layer mask and clipping mask are two powerful tools that serve different purposes in controlling the visibility of layers. Although both tools are used to manipulate layers, they have significant differences.

Clipping MaskLayer Mask
PurposeHides portions of the layer it is applied to based on the shape of another layer above itControls the transparency of the layer it is applied to based on the grayscale values of the mask
Relationship to layersRequires two layers: the layer to be clipped and the layer used as the maskApplied directly to a single layer
Effect on original layerOriginal layer remains unchangedAllows for non-destructive editing by preserving the original layer
Type of maskUses a shape or text layer as a maskUses a grayscale image as a mask
AppearanceCreates a “window” through the layer below it based on the shape of the mask layerChanges the opacity of the layer based on the grayscale values of the mask
Editing capabilitiesCannot be edited directly, but can be adjusted by editing the mask layerCan be edited directly or by adjusting the grayscale values of the mask
ExamplesUsed to create cut-out text or shapesUsed to selectively adjust the transparency of certain parts of an image or video

How to Create a Clipping Mask in Alight Motion?

Before creating a Clipping Mask, you need to define the purpose for which you want to create it, whether it is for animating videos or normal ones. To create a clipping mask in Alight Motion, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Alight Motion on your device.
  • Create a new project or open an existing one.
  • Import a media file or shapes by clicking on the “+” button (I have added two shapes).
  • Tap on the upper layer and click on the three dots.
  • A menu will appear, and then click on “Create Clipping Mask.”
  • The clipping mask will be created. (You can see that the plane layer is clipped to the base layer.) if you want to learn how to group layer in Alight Motion. Make sure to check the Guide.
change media

After creating a Clipping Mask, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can delete the clipping mask. However, if you want to change the shape without deleting the clipping mask, you can do so by tapping on the layer, going to “Color & Fill,” and replacing or adding a new picture.

But wait, there’s more! After applying a Clipping Mask, you can further adjust it. For example, you can play with color and fill to add or change colors, check the border and shadow to add stroke, use blending and opacity to adjust the opacity and change different settings such as Darken, Lighten, Contrast, Difference, and much more. You can also animate the shape with the help of Move and Transform. Finally, you can apply different effects to further elevate your project.

Add Effect and color

How to delete the clipping Mask?

To delete the clipping mask, follow the instructions.

  • Open your existing project in which you have applied a clipping Mask.
  • Again tap on three dot buttons.
  • And click on Release clipping Mask.
  • That is it you have deleted the clipping mask.


In conclusion, a clipping mask is a powerful tool that allows you to hide or reveal specific parts of a layer in Alight Motion. However, a clipping mask cannot be applied to a single layer; at least two layers are required for it to work. Alight Motion also offers another type of mask called a layer mask, which serves a different purpose. With clipping masks, you can adjust various settings, blending modes, and add effects to give your project a professional touch. Overall, Clipping Mask in Alight Motion is a valuable tool for creative video editing. If you want to learn more about how to use clipping masks in Alight Motion, be sure to refer to our guide.

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