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Alight Motion Unveils Exciting New Update v4.5.194.20267

Alight Motion is a leading video editing and motion graphics application. Today, it has launched a new update (v4.5.194.20267) and added advanced features to Alight Motion, enhancing the editing experience and improving efficiency.

save presets

One of the standout features in this update is the ability to save presets. Previously, this feature was unavailable to users. With this new feature, users can work on any project and save it as a preset with a single click. To access this feature, simply tap on the layer button, where you will find the option to save presets. Please note that a pro subscription of Alight Motion is required to access these features.

Furthermore, Alight Motion has also introduced an exciting addition called “Discover Templates & Presets.” This feature provides users with a variety of ready-made templates for quick editing and project export. The templates are categorised, and each category offers a wide range of options, including popular templates, color correction, special effects, text animation, and transitions.

template in the tool bar

Additionally, there is a new templates section in the tools bar, allowing users to access imported templates for their projects. This is a recent addition to Alight Motion. To download the latest version of Alight Motion, please follow this link. It is also available for PC and iOS devices.

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