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How to Use the Camera Object in Alight Motion?

The Alight Motion is a video editing and motion designing application available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the most powerful applications that offer a wide range of features and tools to edit videos and create animations. Among the many tools available in Alight Motion, the Camera Object tool allows you to add camera movements to your project. In this article, we will explore what the “Camera Object” is in Alight Motion and how to use it effectively in your project.

What is a Camera Object in Alight Motion?

In Alight Motion Camera Object is a tool that allows you to mimic the real camera movement by creating a virtual camera with the help of the Camera Object tool. For example, you have created a plane or stable animation and later on, you want to add movement to it to give it a realistic touch that should be relatable to real life. You can do so with the help of a Camera object to create and adjust the position, rotation, and scale of your animation video to achieve various effects such as Zoom, tilt, Panning, and parallax motion. So, it is a great tool to add more depth and give dimension to the video to make them more engaging and visually appealing.

How to access and use Camera Object in Alight Motion.

how to active camera object

Before using the Camera Object in your project, it’s important to define your purpose and why you want to use it. To add the Camera Object in your project and see everything through the camera’s perspective, click on the + button and tap on “Element”. Then, select “Camera” and it will be added to the timeline. To activate the camera, click on the view panel and select the camera to activate it. Once activated, you can access its settings.

The Camera Object allows you to access limited settings such as Move & Transform, Camera Options, and Effects. In Move & Transform, you’ll find different tools such as keyframes, bezier curves, position, rotation, and scale. In Effects, you can apply various effects to change the look and feel of your project. In Camera Options, you’ll find three settings: Camera View, Focus Blur, and Fog.

Camera view.

camera view

In the Camera view, you will find two settings: View angles and Zoom distance. View angles refer to the amount of space that a camera can capture within a scene from a specific angle. On the other hand, Zoom distance refers to how big or small a layer will appear before the camera as you zoom in and out. For example, if you zoom in, the layer will appear big, and if you zoom out, the layer will appear small. You will also notice that the view angle and zoom distance values are interconnected. When you change one, the other will also start changing accordingly.

Focus Blur.

focus blur

You may have experienced focus blur while using a real camera. When capturing photos with a camera, you may find that some objects in the background appear blurred, and similarly, objects closer to the camera may also appear blurred. It is possible to intentionally blur certain objects while taking photos as well.

In animation videos, there is no way to blur anything other than using focus blur. With the help of focus blur, you can add a sense of depth and focus on particular elements in the scene. Focus blur allows you to adjust three settings: focus distance, depth of field, and blur strength. Focus distance refers to the distance between the camera lens and the subject, and depth of field is useful for adding depth to a focus blur scene. Meanwhile, the blur strength setting allows you to control the level of blurriness. For example, if you want to increase the amount of blur, you can increase the blur strength.



As the name suggests, the Fog tool in Alight Motion’s camera objects allows you to create a foggy scene. It is especially useful for creating animation videos. For instance, if you have created a scene and want to add fog to give it a realistic touch, you can do it with the help of Fog. Normally, in real life, fog appears to be white, but Alight Motion allows you to create fog in any color of your choice. With more color options, you can create almost any type of foggy scene. In the Fog tool, you will see three properties: Color, Near distance, and Far distance. Color helps you apply fog in any color you want, while near distance and far distance refer to how much fog is applied based on the distance of the layer to the camera.

These are the functionalities of the camera object tools. Now, you can create anything by understanding these settings.


The guide above explains the Camera Object in Alight Motion and how it can be used to add a realistic touch to a project. It is a useful tool, especially for animation projects where you can create different effects and fog scenes. One of the great features of this tool is the ability to create fog of any color, such as a dark fog or a yellowish environment to highlight specific elements. Overall, learning how to use this tool can make your project look more professional.

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