How to use Alight Motion

How to use Alight Motion? A Step-by-Step Guide.

As a beginner, it is difficult to learn the complete use of Alight Motion for video editing and animation. It takes time to learn anything new, and you won’t be able to do the job perfectly right away. For this reason, we have crafted a complete guide that will help you learn how to use the Alight Motion application for your editing projects.

First, you need to understand that there is no single tool that you will learn and apply to make your video look perfect. In this application, we use a combination of different tools and elements to make raw footage engaging and cinematic.

For example, you may need to learn how to apply effects, adjust colors, clean up audio, edit pictures, use blending modes, and add different elements.

The combination of all of these things makes a video professional and appealing. We explain the basics to help you understand how to use the Alight Motion application. However, you can also watch video tutorials to clarify things.

Starter Guide.

  • Firstly, you must ensure you have installed the Alight Motion application.
  • Open the app and see Home, Tutorials, Plus Button, Projects, and Element buttons.
  • On the home button, you can find prompt and video animations.
  • The tutorial button has tutorials.
  • Plus button will guide you about Resolution, Frame rate, and background.
  • The project button will have all your projects.
  • Element buttons have different elements to apply to projects.
  • Click on the Plus button to start the project, define the Aspect Ratio, Resolution, Frame rate, and background, and click on create a project.
  • After that, you will see all the tools and green buttons.
  • Click the green button to import a video or picture you want to edit.
  • While clicking the green button, you will find Shapes, Media, audio, objects, elements, freehand drawing, vector drawing, and text.
  • From all of this, you can decide what you want to apply either to photos or videos.
  • Watch the preview after applying the effects.
  • After that, click on media to import a video or image.
  • For example, you import images.
  • Now you see the color & fill, border & shadow, blending & opacity, move & transform, and edit shapes and effects.
  • Again, you must decide what you want to apply to the image.
  • All these buttons have different options to apply to the image.
  • For example, while clicking on Effects, add effects, and you will see many different effects to apply.
  • This way, you can continue the process and apply different things to see the results.
  • To learn more practical skills, you must watch the videos.

How to use Alight Motion presets & XML files?

XML file

Using presets in Alight Motion is easy, but you must ensure you have imported presets in the application. To import the presets XML file, you have to follow the guideline.

  • Make sure to download the presets file in XML format.
  • Make sure to open the file in Google drive.
  • Click on the share button to share the file to the Alight Motion Application.
  • Wait for a while, and presets will be installed in the AM app.
  • Check the project menu to make sure the imported presets are present.
  • Now you can apply the presets to your projects.

How to use Alight Motion QR Codes?

All smart devices have built-in QR scanners. You can use any QR code scanner if you don’t have one. To scan the QR codes

  • Make sure to open the source where you want to scan the code.
  • Open the smartphone application to scan the QR codes.
  • Open the file in your browser after completing the QR code process.
  • After that, the Alight Motion application opens automatically.
  • Now presets will automatically be added to your project.

How to use Alight Motion transition ?

Transition is a technique to connect two or more video shots and make them smooth for users. It is a convenient tool to give a realistic feel to the videos. So, follow these steps to learn the process of applying transitions.

  • Open the Alight Motion and create the project. If you have a current project, make sure to open it.
  • Click on the Media button to import videos or images.
  • Tap on the video or photo and click on effects and add effects.
  • Select the transition effect you want to apply to your videos.
  • Secondly, Again tap on the video and click on the move and transform.
  • Now you can add the move and transform transition.
  • After that, watch the preview and continue next.

How to use Alight Motion on a CapCut ?

Like Alight Motion, CapCut is a free video editor and video maker app that you can use to create professional videos. If you want to do next-level editing, you can use Alight Motion and CapCut.

How to use Alight Motion on pc?

The method of using Alight Motion on computers and smartphones is the same. However, the app doesn’t support personal computers. For this, you need to install an emulator to run the Alight Motion on windows. You will use the Alight Motion as an application on pc, not as software.

How to use alight motion for anime edits?

There will be slight differences between editing a video and doing anime edits. Watch the video to learn how to edit anime.

Alight motion errors.

Whether you’re a user of Android or iOS, you can face some errors while using Alight motion. For example, You can experience Android Export Errors. Before going for a solution, you should know why these errors occur. These are due to short storage of your devices, or a lack of RAM and Graphics. To cope with these errors, you must follow these steps.

  • Restart your devices.
  • While using Alight Motion, other applications must be closed. Otherwise, the opened app will use the maximum resources of your device, and Alight motion will not be able to run smoothly. So, make sure to close all apps while exporting the project in alight motion.
  • Make sure to export the project directly from the list in a lower resolution.
  • Make sure to use a minimum number of effects on any project. Because the more effects you use, the more burden your device will have.
  • Make sure to turn off the visibility of extra layers and use video clips that are necessary for the project. The additional video should not be in the app.

Note: The same steps you can apply if you experience the exporting error on iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.


Before jumping straight into the video editing process, follow the guide and learn how to use alight motion for video editing and animation. Then, make sure to follow the videos to learn advanced video editing.

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