how to overlay in Alight Motion

How to overlay in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion offers an excellent feature that allows you to add overlay elements to your videos. These overlay elements can enhance the aesthetic of your videos and provide additional information or create special effects. In this article, we will explore How to overlay in Alight Motion?

How to add overlay in Alight Motion?

To overlay in Alight Motion, follow these steps:

  • Open the Alight Motion app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Create a new project or open an existing one.
  • Click on the + button and then go to Media.
  • Browse your device and select the overlay that you have downloaded.
  • Click Open and the overlay will be added to your timeline.
  • You can now adjust the size of the overlay to fit your project.
  • Don’t forget to experiment with the blending modes. Blending modes allow you to change the opacity of the overlay to suit your project’s needs.
  • Once you are satisfied, tap on the Play button to preview your work.

Masking in Alight Motion allows you to selectively reveal or hide portions of your video or image. To create a mask, you can use shapes or draw custom paths.

Types of Overlays.

There are different types of overlays that can be used for different purposes. Here are some of the most common types:

Text overlays: These are text-based overlays that can be added to your videos for titles, subtitles, and credits.

Graphical overlays: These overlays are based on images, graphs, logos, and charts.

Video overlays: These overlays are based on videos that can be added to another video to create reaction videos or behind-the-scenes content.

Download Free and Premium Overlays.

There are different platforms that offer free overlays. You can download these overlays and use them in your videos. You can also visit stock image sites to find free overlay videos. However, the problem with free overlays is that anyone can find and use them. This means that your videos will not look unique.

For that reason, we recommend purchasing a premium overlay package. Premium packages have unique overlays that can take your videos to the next level. They also offer more customization options, so you can create truly unique videos.


Overlays are a great way to add visual interest and flare to your content in Alight Motion. They can be used to add text, graphics, or even other videos to your projects. To add an overlay in Alight Motion, you first need to download it to your device. Once you have downloaded the overlay, you can open it in Alight Motion and add it to your project. You can then adjust the size, position, and opacity of the overlay to fit your needs. There are many different types of overlays available. So, if you are looking for a way to improve your videos, consider using overlays.

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