How To Import XML File In Alight Motion

How To Import XML File In Alight Motion? 100% Working Method

When it comes to video editing, Alight Motion stands out as a powerful tool that enables you to create captivating motion graphics and edit your videos in style. Alight Motion offers many advanced features, the ability to import and exporting your project in an XML file sets Alight Motion apart. In this article, we will explore how to import XML file in Alight Motion using both Android and iOS devices.

Requirement of importing XML files.

Before importing the file into Alight Motion, make sure to follow up the requirements.

  • The file should be in the .XML extension.
  • The file should contain a root element and child element.
  • The child element must contain all the sequence files such as Media files, Effects, and others.
  • The XML file should be compatible with the version of Alight Motion being used.

How to import XML file in alight motion Android?


Update: In Alight Motion version 5, you can now directly upload XML files from your device or Google Drive. To upload a file, open the Alight Motion application and navigate to the Templates tab. At the top of the screen, you will find the XML File Upload option.

It is a simple and straightforward process to import an XML file in Alight Motion. To import your file in Alight Motion, follow these steps. Before that, you must know that you can only import one file at a time. To import multiple files, you need to perform the task again.

  • First download the XML file on your device from a legit source.
  • Save the XML file in an accessible location.
  • Tap on the file and click on the sharing option.
  • You will see different apps on your device including Alight Motion.
  • Select the Alight Motion Application and the file will be added in it.
  • To check the file, make sure to explore Project Window and that’s it.

How to Import XML file in a Google drive?

Alight Motion not only allows you to import XML files from your device, but you can also import from Google Drive.

  • First, you must have Google Drive and the XML file on your device.
  • If you don’t have Google Drive, you can download it from the Play Store.
  • Once you download it, locate the XML file on your device and upload it to Google Drive.
  • Once you upload the file, open the Menu and click on “Send a Copy.”
  • Select Alight Motion, and that’s it.

Note: You can not only import XML files in Alight Motion, but you can also export your project file in Alight Motion and share it with others.

How to import XML file in Alight Motion Iphone (iOS).

Unfortunately, the previous method for importing XML files is not applicable for iPhone users. Attempting the same method will not show Alight Motion as an option to choose from. Therefore, to import an XML file, iPhone users must use either the QR Code or Cloud Link options. Without these two options, there is no other working method available.

Additionally, there is a limitation on exporting projects in XML format without a paid version of Alight Motion. If you want to export a project to share on social media or with a friend, you must have a pro version.

Although there is a QR code option to import any project in Alight Motion for iOS, it has some limitations. For example, the Alight Motion free version allows importing projects of up to 5MB only. Therefore, if you want to use Alight Motion on iOS devices, you should download the paid version of Alight Motion, which is available here.

Here are some steps to import an XML file through QR Codes.

  • First, browse the internet and find QR codes.
  • Download and save the QR codes on your device.
  • Install a QR code scanner on your device.
  • Once you install it, open the scanner and scan the QR code you have downloaded on your device.
  • After scanning, you will find a link. Open this link with Alight Motion.
  • And your project will be imported into Alight Motion.

Common Issues while Importing XML file.

Not every time you will be successfully able to import the XML file in Android and iOS. You can face these common issues.

  • File not supported error: This error occurs if the file is not compatible with Alight Motion. Make sure that the XML file is supported by the version of the application that you are using.
  • File corrupt error: This error occurs if you have downloaded a corrupt file from a third-party source. Always check the source of the XML file and make sure that you have downloaded the right file.
  • File not found error: This error occurs when you do not have enough space on your device. Make sure that your device has sufficient storage space to import the XML file.
  • Import failed error: This error occurs due to technical glitches. In this case, restarting your device can help resolve the issue.

Master the art of using QR Codes in Alight Motion and unlock new creative possibilities!

Troubleshooting tips for iOS and Android devices.

If you encounter any issues while importing XML files in Android and iOS, you can troubleshoot them to fix the problem. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Alight Motion installed on your Android or iOS device.
  • Make sure the XML file is not corrupted and is compatible with Alight Motion.
  • If you’re unable to import the XML file, try restarting your device.
  • Ensure that you have enough storage space on your device.


In conclusion, this is a guide on How To Import XML File In Alight Motion. It is the safest and easiest method to save your data and share it with others. If you face any issues while importing XML files, try troubleshooting tips, and your problem will no longer exist. With the help of Alight Motion, you can work on the same project on different devices. So, why not give it a try?

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