how to do velocity edits on Alight Motion

How to do velocity edits on Alight Motion?

I know how it feels to see velocity edit videos on social media, especially on TikTok and SnackVideo. You might think it is not easy to make such kinds of videos. But we made it easy for you to learn how to make velocity edits on Alight Motion. You need to understand velocity edit and how to apply it to the videos to get your desired result.

What is Velocity edit?

Velocity means the speed of something in a given direction, and velocity edit is a technique used in video editing to slow down and speed up video at a specific point. For example, you might have seen videos on Tiktok that start slowly and speed up to the end. These types of videos are examples of velocity edits.

How to make velocity edits on Alight Motion?

Before jumping into the process of velocity edit, you must know about keyframe animation. Because without keyframe animation, it is not possible to make velocity videos.

  • Ensure you have installed Alight Motion on your smartphones.
  • Open the application and click on the plus button to start the project.
  • Make sure to set the Aspect ratio, dimensions, frame rate, and background and click on create a project.
  • After that, click the plus button to add a media file to the app.
  • For example, I import a photo.
  • Tap on the image and open Move & Transform.
  • Add keyframes at the start and end of the pictures or videos.
  • Without adding keyframes, you can’t continue further.
  • After that, Click on Graph.
  • Now understand the following process.

While Clicking on the graph, you will also see four little graphs on the right side and three graphs on the extreme right side. These graphs will help to apply techniques of giving the subject more frame rate at the start and end.

These graphs are used to smooth the animation. For example, you want to end the animation with speed. When you apply this one graph, it will make it smooth to make you feel wow. These graphs are called Linear, Easy in, Easy out, and Easy in and out.

You will also see these easing types in big software like adobe premiere, adobe after Effects, CapCut, and mini tool movie maker. They all serve the same purpose.

  • Linear will help you to move the subject with constant speed.
  • Easy-in it will help you move the subject slowly and fast in the end.
  • Easy-out will reverse easy-in the process. Fast starting and slow ending.
  • Easy in and out will help to choose from fast and slow.

At the bottom of the graph, you will see the types of these easy-in and easy-out techniques. The first one is Cubic Bezier Easing. Besides this, we also have Bounce, Elastic, Cyclic, random, and elastic steps. These types of easing will require a premium membership of Alight Motion.

How to make velocity edit on Alight Motion free?

Techniques of applying velocity edit on your object are free, and you must learn the process of using easing. However, some types of easing require a premium version of Alight Motion, which you can buy.

Difference between velocity edit speed and normal timeline speed?

There is a bit of difference between them. Standard timeline speed is the full speed of your video or audio. If you increase the speed, the whole timeline will run faster. However, Velocity edit is something that you can apply specifically to any part of the video. Both serve a different purpose.


Alight motion is an excellent way to apply velocity effects on your video to share on social media. The process of making velocity edit is easy. All you need is to learn and practice on some videos. In this way, you can make awesome velocity edit videos. So, make sure to check the process to make your videos eye-catching and attractive.

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