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How to create text animation in Alight Motion? For Beginners

In animation, plain text doesn’t give a professional look to any project. That is why it is necessary to animate the text to achieve a professional look and attract viewers. With text animation, you can bring your words to life and make them spin or twirl on the screen, especially if you’re using Alight Motion. But how to create text animation in Alight Motion? In this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating text animation and exporting it in your favourite format.

Text Animation in Alight Motion: How it Works

In Alight Motion, text animation refers to adding motion and effects to any text to create dynamic and engaging titles, intros, outros, captions, subtitles, or any text-related element. You can apply various effects, change colors, opacity, scale, or rotate the text. With text animation, you can also create lower thirds, subscribe buttons, follow on social media buttons in Alight Motion. Additionally, did you know that text animation has different types?

How to create text animation?

text animation

If you want to create text animation in Alight Motion, follow this step-by-step guide. But before that, you must have an idea of what you want to create and what your purpose is.

adding text
adding effect and adjust-properties
  • Open Alight Motion on your device.
  • Create a new project or open an existing one.
  • Click on the + icon and choose the text tool.
  • Type in the desired text that you want to animate.
  • Adjust the font, size, color, and align it to the center.
  • Tap on the layer and click on Effects.
  • Once you open the Effect panel, click on Text and then Text Transform.
  • Add two keyframes at the start and end of the layer.
  • Move the playhead to the end of the keyframe and start adjusting the properties.
  • Click on Range and change the value of Start from 0 to 100.
  • After that, open Transform, click on Component, and change the offset value from 0 to 200.
  • Next, change the scale value from 0 to -60.
  • Then, change the alpha value from 0 to -1.000.
  • Now open Interpolation & Easing and set the ease in and ease out to make the animation smooth.
  • Finally, change the overlay value from 0 to 200.
  • Congratulations, you have created your first text animation!

How to Export Animation?

The process of exporting your animation videos is much easier than creating them. Once you’re done with the animation and want to export, simply click on the Export option located at the top right corner and select your preferred format. Alight Motion offers a wide range of exporting options, ranging from 188p to 4k with 60 FPS. Additionally, you can also export your animation as a GIF. Moreover, you can directly share your videos on social media platforms as well.

Types of text animation?

There are several types of text animation in Alight Motion, Some of which are

1. Fade In/Out:

Fade In/Out is a common type of animation, and you might have seen it in YouTube intros. In this animation, the text’s visibility decreases or increases over time. You can choose the direction from which the text should fly in and out, adjust the speed, and make it smoother by adding ease in and ease out. This type of animation is commonly used to create intros, promotional videos, and social media posts to catch the viewers’ attention.

2. Fly In/Out.

Fly In/Out is similar to Fade In/Out, but the only difference is that the text is flying in/out on the screen. You can make this type of animation in Alight Motion and change the direction of the text to come out on the screen. While making this animation, you can adjust the speed, add effects, and make it smooth by using bezier curves such as ease In/Out.

3. Typewriter.

Typewriter is a famous animation in which the text is being typed on the screen. It is also used in movies to get the viewers’ attention. This animation displays each character on the screen and makes you feel like it is being typed by the writer. While making this animation, you can customize the text, adjust the speed, delay, and change the typing sound effect. This is extremely useful to highlight something specific on the screen.

4. Shake Effect.

Shake Effect animation is very popular, and you might have seen it in short videos on TikTok and YouTube. Shake Effect animation will add a jittery effect to the text and make it look like it’s shaking. In Alight Motion, you can make this animation and adjust the intensity and direction to fit your project.

5. Bounce.

Bounce is an animation that helps you make the text bounce up and down just like a ball. While making this animation, you can adjust the height of the bounce and customize it further to suit your needs.

6. Zoom.

Zoom Animation is used to animate the text to make it closer to the audience and then take it back. In Alight Motion, you can create this animation by scaling your text and adjusting its opacity, position, and rotation.

7. Spin Animation.

Split Animation is used to split your text into pieces. In Alight Motion, you can make this animation and change the direction, speed, and distance of the split.

These are few types of text animation that are commonly used, but there are also other types. It all depends on your creativity, how you want to animate your text, and in which direction you want to move it.


In conclusion, Alight Motion offers a wide range of tools to create different types of animation videos. Text animation is one of many tools that help you to create various types of text animation. Alight Motion also offers to type your text and change the color font and size. So, if you’re a beginner and want to learn how to create animation in Alight Motion, then this guide is for you.

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