How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion?

How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion? Step by Step Guide.

Welcome to our guide on How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion?. Motion blur is a video effect that can add a sense of realism, depth, and visual appeal to your videos. You’ll be pleased to know how easy it is to add the motion blur effect to your videos. To add motion blur, follow these steps:

adding keyframes
  • Open the Alight application on your device.
  • Create a new project or open an existing one.
  • Tap on the “+” icon and select a shape to import into the timeline.
  • Click on “Move & Transform” and add keyframes – one at the start of the layer and one at the end.
  • Tap on the position icon to animate the shape from bottom to top.
  • Go back and tap on the layer to add effects.
  • Go to the Effect Gallery and open the Blur category.
  • Click on Motion Blur and it will be added to your timeline.
  • Preview the video to see the result.
  • If you’re not satisfied, play with the tune to adjust the motion blur.
  • You can also check the position, scale, and angle.
  • That’s it! You have learned a way to add motion blur.
adding motion blur effects

Note: You can add motion blur to any video, whether you are creating animated videos or you want to apply motion blur to your video clips. The basics remain the same, and you can adjust the settings to achieve your desired result.

Properties of Motion Blur.

There are a few properties of Motion Blur in Alight Motion that can help you achieve precise results:

  • Tune: This determines the size of the blur, and you can increase or decrease the size based on your requirements.
  • Position: This is a toggle button to turn the position on or off.
  • Scale: This is a toggle button to turn the scale on or off.
  • Angle: This is a toggle button to turn the angle on or off.

These properties allow you to control the settings of the Motion Blur. However, you can only adjust the basics like Tune, and they will not allow you to change much.

How does motion blur add realism and visual appeal to videos?

Motion Blur is a great tool for adding a sense of reality and making your video visually appealing. It is also useful for giving a cinematic touch to videos. Motion blur helps to mimic the natural flow of moving objects in real life. For example, our eyes struggle to catch moving objects, and when we try to see them, we perceive blurriness. That is the reason, when we animate an object, we try to give it a realistic look by adding motion blurs. If we don’t use motion blur, it will look unrealistic.

Whenever we edit moving scenes, we use motion blur to create a realistic scene. For example, if you’re editing sports or action scenes, you will use motion blur to give the impression of speed and energy, making the scenes dynamic and exciting. Apart from this, you will also experience motion blur in short videos. If you’re using TikTok or YouTube shorts, you will see a lot of videos. These types of short videos can also be created through motion blur.


In conclusion, the Motion Blur Effect in Alight Motion can take your video editing and motion graphics projects to the next level. Whether you want to create short videos or give your animation a realistic touch, motion blur is a great tool to achieve professional results. The best thing about Alight Motion motion blur is that you can change the settings and control the size of the motion blur, allowing you to achieve the desired effect for your project.

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