Guide to Creating Animation and Editing Videos.

An Introductory Guide to Creating Animation and Editing Videos.

As a beginner, you may have come across videos on social media that feature text popping up or short cartoon-style videos with smooth transitions from one scene to another. These are all examples of animation videos. Creating animation videos is never an easy task, especially if you’re a beginner using the Alight Motion mobile application. In this introductory guide to creating animation and editing videos, we will walk you through every step that can help you create animation videos easily.

Understanding the interface of Alight Motion.


Before beginning the process of creating animation and editing videos, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the interface of Alight Motion so that you will be able to understand the functionality of each tool and its features. When you open the Alight Motion application, you will see the home screen which includes tutorials, projects, and templates. To start a new project, you must click on the + button, set the ratio, resolution, frame rate, background, and tap on “create project.”

Once you have created a new project, it will take you to the editor screen where you will find all the tools and timeline. To import media into the timeline, you must click on the + button and tap on “media” to import your footage. Apart from the media tab, you will also see various other options that can help you in many ways with your project. Make sure to check the guide: How to use camera object in Alight Motion.

How to create basic animation in Alight Motion.

Creating animation can be a fun and enjoyable task, but before starting the process, it is important to understand the tools that are available to help you create animations. In Alight Motion, the move and transform tools are the primary tools used for animation. Within this tab, there are several tools available, including keyframes, bezier, position, scale, skew and rotation.

1. Keyframes.

Keyframes are markers that indicate the start and end points of an animation. By using keyframes, you can move an object in any direction. To do this, simply add a keyframe at the start and end of the layer and then decide the direction in which you want the object to move.

2. Bezier

Bezier is a mathematical curve that is used to create smooth and natural movement in graphics and animation. In Alight Motion, you can find Bezier under the move & transform tab. Bezier curves allow users to manipulate the speed and acceleration of an animation. For example, if you have created an animation that is moving from one point to another, you can use curves to make the movement of the object smooth.

3. Position, Scale, Skew and Rotation.

Position, scale, skew and rotation are the basic set of tools used to control the movement of an object. With the help of these four tools, you can change the look and feel of the object that you want to animate.

Process of creating animation.

Imagine you want to create a simple animation video in which a plane is moving forward. First, you have to create a new project and add a plane shape. To add the plane, click on the + button, go to the Shape tab, and add the airplane to the timeline. You can also create your own shape and import it into Alight Motion.

  • After that click on Move & Transform.
  • On the left side you will have keyframes.
  • Add a keyframe at the start and the end.
  • At the end keyframe, swipe at the center to move the plane upward.
  • Play the video and you will see the plane is moving forward.
  • Congratulations, your first animation is created.
bezier controls

Now, we can make some adjustments to make the movement of the plane smoother. To do so, you need to follow the Bezier properties. Once again, go to Move & Transform and click on Bezier. In the Bezier tab, you will find various types of Bezier properties. We just need to work with the Cubic Bezier easing. Cubic Bezier helps keep the movement slow at the beginning and then fast at the end. After applying this, you will experience a smoother movement of the airplane.

Congratulations, you have also learned how to make your animation smooth. This is how you can create a basic animation using Alight Motion.

Adding Effects: Enhancing Your Project.

To further enhance the quality of your animation videos, you can apply various effects based on your desired outcome. Alight Motion offers a range of effects to apply in your project, from color grading to adjusting brightness, contrast, color, and light. To add an effect, simply click on the layer and navigate to the effect menu. From there, you can select any effect that you deem appropriate for your project.

How to edit videos as a beginner in Alight Motion.

Once you familiarize yourself with the Alight Motion tools and interface, it becomes much easier to edit any type of video. To edit a video, you must follow step-by-step instructions.

  • Open Alight Motion on your device.
  • Create a new project or open an existing one.
  • Click on the “+” button and choose media.
  • Select the video that you want to edit from the media.
  • Once the video is imported to the timeline, tap on the layer and click on the trimming tools.
  • Use the trimming tools to separate unwanted content and delete it.
  • Color grade your footage by selecting the color grading tools and adjusting the colors, brightness, and contrast.
  • Choose music for your video and add it by clicking on the “+” button and selecting audio music. It will be added to the timeline.
  • Check the volume of the music. If it’s too loud, tap on the layer and go to the volume tool. Slow it down to the desired level.

Once you’ve followed these steps, your basic video editing is almost done. However, you can further polish your video by applying more effects.

Export your project: share your creation.

Once you have finished with video editing and animation creation, it is time to share it with others. Alight Motion offers several exporting options, including sharing directly over social media, uploading to the cloud, and getting links.

To export your final project, you must click on the export button at the top right corner and then choose your preferred format. You can export a video in multiple formats like MP4, GIF, image sequence, and more. Alight Motion allows you to export from 180p to 4k with a frame rate of 60 FPS. You can also increase and decrease the quality of the exported video, but doing so will also increase or decrease the size of the project. Once you have finalized your exporting option, just click on export, and the video will be exported to your device. That’s it; you have successfully learned animation creating and video editing.


Frequently Asked Question.

To add videos in Alight Motion, you need to open the Alight Motion application on your device. Then, create a new project or open an existing one. Click on the green “+” button and navigate to the Media file. Select the video you want to add to Alight Motion.

To duplicate a clip in Alight Motion, you need to select the clip in the timeline and tap on it. Then, click on the layer button and select “Duplicate Layer”.

Alight Motion projects are saved in the internal storage of the device. The exact location may vary depending on the device you are using. However, if you delete the Alight Motion project, all of the project will also be deleted.

Alight Motion does not offer a direct way to back up projects. However, you can use the project package option in the export menu to back up your project. After finishing your editing process, go to the export menu, select project package, and click export. You will then receive a link and QR code. This is how you backup your project in Alight Motion.

Before you try to recover your project, you must back it up using the project package. This will allow you to save a project link or QR code. If you have a link or QR code, open it with Alight Motion or scan the QR code to import the project into Alight Motion. If you have not backed up your project, you will not be able to recover it in Alight Motion.

To change the settings of an existing project, open the project and click on the Settings icon in the top right corner. A new window will open, where you can change the settings of your existing project.

If you have changed your device and want to move data to a new iOS device, you can use the iOS Quick Start feature to move your projects, elements, and templates. Quick Start will help you transfer all of your data.

If you sign in or out of Alight Motion, your projects will not be removed. However, if you uninstall or reinstall the application, your projects will be deleted permanently.


Alight Motion is a powerful tool that provides freedom to create animation and edit videos on your device. If you’re a beginner and want to create basic animation, you can use keyframe and bezier properties to make the animation smooth. Furthermore, to further polish the animation, you can apply different effects. It’s also necessary to learn about the interface and tools of Alight Motion. Once you are familiar with the tools and interface, you can easily edit videos and create animations.

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