Alight Motion vs Kinemaster

Alight Motion vs Kinemaster – Which Wins Our Vote?

alight motion vs kinemaster: Alight Motion is a mobile application that allows you to edit your videos and design motion graphics, visual effects, and animations. It is the only application for cell phone users that offers animation creation.

Alight Motion provides free and paid subscriptions: however, the free one has limited features and a watermark on exporting videos. To get the video without a watermark, you must have a paid subscription to Alight Motion.

Alight Motion only works on Android and iOS. However, you can get a PC emulator if you wish to use it on a PC. It was first launched on 2018-08-04, and after that, it became a popular tool for mobile users.

On the other hand, KineMaster is a versatile video editing application that allows you to achieve impressive results with comprehensive tools. It also offers both ways to go, free and paid. The free one has limited features and watermark issues, while the paid one has everything you wish to use as a video editor.

Like Alight Motion, it is also not available for personal computers. However, Android, iOS, and chrome book users can use this application for video editing. Kinemaster was first released in 2013 for Android users and later for iOS in 2017. Right now, it is a popular tool in the category of video editing and video making.

Note: To draw the comparison between Alight Motion and Kinemaster will be unfair because Alight motion is an Animation, Video making, and VFX (visual effects) application. Kinemater is a video editing and video-making application.

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Alight motion vs Kinemaster.

FeatureAlight MotionKinemaster
PriceFree with watermarked videos, $4.99/month or $39.99/year for premiumFree with watermarked videos, $4.99/month or $39.99/year for premium
User InterfaceIntuitive with easy-to-use toolsUser-friendly with a professional look
Editing CapabilitiesOffers basic and advanced editing tools for videos, animation, and graphicsOffers advanced editing tools for videos, audio, and images
Audio EditingAllows adding and editing audio filesAllows adding and editing audio files
CompatibilityCompatible with Android and iOSCompatible with Android and iOS
ExportingSupports exporting videos in various resolutions and formatsSupports exporting videos in various resolutions and formats

Alight Motion or Kinemater

Alight Motion and Kinemaster can both fulfill your dreams of editing videos. Both have excellent features. Some of them are common, and some are different.


The interface of the Kinemaster is straightforward. To start the project, you must click on create, put the name, set the aspect ratio, and click on create. After that, the project will be created. The best thing about kinemaster is that its interface turns horizontal to ease editing.

After that, you can click on media to import the media file, like images, videos, and audio. Moreover, you will also see different options to perform various tasks—for example, Layer, Record, Audio, export, and some others.

Contrarily, Alight Motion is also started in the same way; to create the project, you must click on the plus button, put the name, set the aspect ratio, and you’re done.

To import something, you must click on the plus button and you’re on the way to adding shapes, Media, Audio, objects, and elements. After importing anything, you will see different options and tools—for example, color fill, border & shapes, Move & Transform Effects, and more. In comparison to Kinemaster, its interface remains vertical.

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Alight motion vs Kinemaster: Both applications offer helpful features. But the alight motion has something more to offer because it is also a motion designing and animation app. So, it has the following features

  • You can add multiple layers.
  • It supports vector and bitmap
  • You can use keyframe animation.
  • You can use visual effects.
  • You can make parent and child layers.
  • Character rigging.
  • You can do Groping and masking.
  • You can do an advanced level of color adjustment.
  • You have the ability to share and export projects in multiple formats.
  • You can border, shadow, and stroke effects.
  • You can use custom fonts.
  • You can save your favorite element for future projects.
  • You have the option to go on 4k resolution.
  • You can use the blending option and set Opacity.
  • Support of multiple languages.

Kinemaster features.

  • You can use it for cutting and splicing.
  • You can crop the videos and use special effects like Gaussian Blur and Mosaic.
  • You can add music.
  • You can record a voice-over.
  • You can edit audio and use sound effects like harmony and reverberation.
  • You can use voice changers to change your audio to the child, Alien, chipmunk, etc.
  • You can make color adjustment
  • You can do motion tracking and animation.
  • You can use transitions.
  • Support of multimedia.
  • Multiple export options maximum 1440p.
  • You can use the chroma key to remove the green screen and blend anything into the main background.
  • Support of multiple languages.

KineMaster Asset store and Alight Motion

For additional effects, music and elements, Kinemater has an Asset store that keeps updating with the latest elements. On the other hand, Alight Motion has a library full of premium effects and features that keep updating with the latest elements. Check our Guide if you want to learn about Alight Motion vs Capcut.

Alight Motion and KineMaster Paid package.

Both applications offer free versions but have limited features, and you will experience a watermark on the finished video. For that, you should go for the premium version to get the ultimate advantage of features.

Alight Motion and KineMater Pros and Cons.

Alight Motion Pros

  • A different set of tools.
  • Ability to do advanced editing and creating animation.
  • Ability to set different aspect ratios.
  • Multiple options to export projects.

KineMaster Pros

  • Great set of tools.
  • Straight forward interface.
  • Great features.
  • Free to use

Alight Motion Cons

  • The free version has a watermark on exporting videos.
  • Complex interface.
  • The water device got slower and even alight Motion crashed.

KineMaster Pros

  • Applications get slower on some devices.
  • Watermark on the free version
  • Expensive subscription for a longer period.


It was a guide on alight Motion vs kinemaster. Both applications are excellent and can be helpful for any project. If you want to do video editing on a small scale, you can use KineMaster. Because it offers excellent features and it is simple to use.

It might not be a perfect fit if you wish to use KineMaster for advanced editing and color correction levels. For that purpose, you can use alight Motion. It offers incredible features and an advanced way to craft highly professional videos.

It fits you if you want to edit videos and create animation on your mobile phone. However, if you compare these applications with premiere pro and adobe after Effects. There is no match between them. Because adobe products are made for professional purposes, filmmakers use them.

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