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Alight Motion vs Capcut: Choose Your Video Editing App

Alight Motion vs Capcut: Alight Motion is a video editing, motion graphics, and video compositing app developed for smartphone users who want to edit their videos on the go. It helps you to apply different visual effects, edit audio, and create professional quality animations. With different options to export videos and have access to more than 100 plus effects, this app is no brainer.

Contrary, Capcut is a free-to-use video editing app that allows you to create cinematic videos with the ultimate audio library. Capcut offers different effects and ready-made templates to get the desired results in no time. It is a handy tool for beginners who want to edit their short movies to get robust output.

Alight Motion was founded in 2018 in South Korea. But they are operating globally because it has become one of the popular applications in the video player & editor category. It has over 50M downloads on the play store.

You will experience a watermark while exporting the video in alight motion because it offers a paid and free version. The free one lets you edit the video but with limited functionality and a watermark. To remove the watermark, you must opt for a paid version.

On the other hand, Cap cut was developed in 2018 by “Shenzhen Lianmeng Technology” and later on acquired by Bytedance a company that also launched TikTok.

So, it was launched in April 2020 and gained massive popularity over time. It has over 100M downloads on a play store and 4M reviews. There is no paid version of this app and you can get it free. You can also check After Effects vs Alight Motion Guide.

stats of alight motion and capcut

If we compare both applications, we will find out both have massive differences in terms of features, user interface, exporting quality, and more. Alight Motion is suitable for those who like to achieve professional results with advanced features to create styles of animations. It has a library of visual effects, elements, and different tools like computer software.

On the other hand, Capcut serves the purpose of beginner levels who like to edit their videos quickly with premade templates and effects. With capcut, you cannot exceed the limit of 15-minutes videos and that is why it is very popular among the TikTok community.

Do you know what will be the outcome, if we compare top motion graphics tools and Alight Motion. Check the Guide: Alight Motion vs After Effects.

FeaturesAlight MotionCapCut
PlatformiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
PriceFree with in-app purchases, or subscription-basedFree
User InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendlySimple and easy to use
Editing CapabilitiesAdvanced video editing capabilities, including color correction, keyframe animation, and visual effectsBasic editing tools, suitable for simple video edits
Presets and TemplatesOffers a wide range of presets and templates for easy editing and consistencyLimited selection of templates
Social Media IntegrationOffers direct sharing to social media platformsOffers sharing options to social media platforms, but not as seamless as Alight Motion

Discover the difference between Alight Motion and video star which one is better in video editing and motion graphics.

User interface comparison.

If we compare the user interface of both applications, Alight motion looks more premium with a lot of different options. It works like adobe premiere, where you start the project by setting resolution, frame rate, and background.

You will also find different shapes, media, audio, objects, elements, and tools to fulfill your purpose. It feels as if you are using adobe products on mobile phones. But there is no comparison between alight motion and Adobe products.

While the user interface of capcut is simple and has fewer options than Alight motion. It is straightforward, and you must tap on a new project or choose auto cut to get started.

On the edit screen, you will find a resolution setting of 1080p with 60 frames per second. With that, you will also find a handful of tools like edit, audio, text, stickers, overlay, effects, filters, format, canvas, and adjust. It seems like you got a lot of free editing tools. Check the Difference between Alight Motion and Kinemaster.

Tool comparison: Alight Motion vs Capcut.

ToolAlight MotionCapCut
Basic EditingCutting, trimming, cropping, adding text, adding filters and effects, making basic color adjustmentsCutting, trimming, cropping, adding text, adding filters and effects, making basic color adjustments
Advanced EditingKeyframe animation, vector graphics, shape layers, masking, blending modes, motion blur, camera movement, audio editingAuto captions, auto lyrics, background removal, green screen, beat detection
ExportMP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences, and stillsMP4 video, GIF animation
OtherProject sharing, custom font support, copy and paste layers, save favorite elementsProject sharing, autosave


Capcut will change your impression that alight motion has more advanced features than it. It might be true but Capcut is no less than Alight motion, and you will find some characteristics more useful in Capcut.

Capcut features.

  • Trimming, splitting, and merging the videos.
  • Ability to adjust the speed or apply a speed curve.
  • Zoom in & out effect while animating clips.
  • Freeze effects
  • Different transitions to apply.
  • Keyframe video animation.
  • Ability to create a slow-motion video with optical flow.
  • Chroma key to adjust or remove specific color.
  • Preview clips
  • Stabilization features.
  • Auto caption and subtitles in videos.
  • Text to speech in multiple languages.
  • Background removal.
  • Ability to add text with different fonts.
  • Different filters to match the video clips.
  • Ability to adjust brightness and contrast with filters.
  • Millions of rich sound effects & music clips.
  • Extract audio from videos.
  • Custom video exporting options.
  • Ability to share videos directly on social media.

Alight Motion features.

  • Ability to add a multi-layer of videos and audio.
  • Ability to edit vector graphics.
  • Over 160 building blocks and effects
  • Keyframe animation.
  • Ability to create parent and child layers.
  • Pan, Zoom, focus blur, and fog.
  • Grouping & Masking.
  • Ability to adjust colors.
  • Ease in & Ease out and more animation options.
  • Bookmarking for easy access.
  • Velocity-based motion blur.
  • Multiple exporting options.
  • Ability to share projects with others.
  • Gradient and solid color effects.
  • Stroke, shadow, and border effects.
  • Ability to use custom fonts.
  • Ability to copy a past parent or sub-layers of different layers.
  • Ability to save your elements for upcoming projects.

Both applications have great features. But there are also some pros and cons of these apps listed below.

We also try to figure out the difference between Alight Motion vs Kinemaster.

Alight Motion Pros

  • Ability to set different aspect ratios.
  • Ability to create professional animations.
  • Different sets of tools to achieve great results.
  • Character rigging and keyframe animation.
  • Vector graphics and bitmap support.
  • You can adjust colors.
  • You can save elements for future usage.
  • Ability to bookmark the project.

Caput Pros

  • Straightforward & user-friendly interface
  • Straightforward & user-friendly interface
  • Premade bundle of the template.
  • Access to Trending effects, filters, and transition
  • Multiple exporting options.

Alight Motion Cons

  • The free version has a watermark on exporting videos.
  • Complex interface.

Capcut Cons

  • The addition of a track is limited in the timeline.
  • No advanced color grading option.
  • Premade bundle of the template.
  • 15-minute video limit.

Which is better CapCut or Alight Motion?

As users, we can’t clearly draw the line and select one as the better video editing app. Both applications offer value to users in terms of tools, effects, and exporting options. Alight Motion offers both a free and paid version, while Capcut is absolutely free. In terms of tools, Capcut has a lot more tools than Alight Motion. When it comes to effects, Alight Motion offers around 140 or more effects, whereas Capcut offers over 600 video effects. Both tools are unique and offer different features to users. As a user, you can decide which one better suits your needs. For example, if you need a video editor and motion graphics application where you want to create animation videos and export them in 4K with 60 FPS, then Alight Motion is a better option for you. On the other hand, if you only want to edit videos and apply multiple effects, then Capcut is the best choice for you.

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Now that one knows about Alight Motion vs Capcut. But we can’t decide which one is better and which is not. The reason is Alight motion is paid and has some pros and cons. Contrary, Capcut is free and also has some pros and cons. Besides this, Alight Motion looks like the more professional tool to create a high level of videos, while Capcut has a free audience who like to edit their video mostly for TikToks, youtube, or Instagram.

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