alight motion tools and work flow

Alight motion tools and workflow: A Comprehensive Guide.

Alight Motion is a mobile application that helps content creators edit videos and create excellent animations. It has a wide range of tools and features, so it’s important to understand how they work. Choosing the right tool for the job can be overwhelming, so in this article, we’ll explain Alight Motion’s tools and workflow to help you get started.

Importance of tools and workflow.

Tools and workflow play a vital role in any video editing software, and without them, no software can be considered complete. Understanding the tools can make the difference between a beginner-level editor and a professional-level content creator. For example, as a beginner, you cannot create anything without knowing the function of the tool and what you can do with it. On the other hand, workflow helps you streamline your project effectively as it saves your time and helps you manage your project.

Alight motion tools.


Alight Motion is a versatile video editing and motion graphics application that comes with a wide range of basic to advanced features and tools. Here is a list of tools and their functionalities.

Trimming and cropping.

Trimming and cropping are the basic tools of Alight Motion. To find these tools, you need to tap on the layer, and a popup will show you a bunch of tools. Among these tools on the very first line, you can see the trimming and cropping tools. Although these are basic tools, they are very effective in breaking down any video into pieces and cropping from the right and left sides.

Speed tool.

The speed tool is very handy in Alight Motion and helps content creators create slow-motion and fast-paced videos. You can also speed up and slow down any specific part of the video. To find these tools in Alight Motion, you need to tap on the layer, and on the very first line, you can see the tool with a speed meter icon. You can also learn, how to reverse video in Alight Motion.

Volume button.

Along with trimming, cropping, and speed tools, you will also find a volume icon. The volume tools will help you to reduce the volume of your audio. Inside the volume tool, you can also find keyframe and Bezier options that will be discussed later.

Color and Fill.

Color and fill is one of the exciting tools in Alight Motion that helps you to color grade your object and apply new colors. The functionality of the color and fill tools will depend on the individual and how they play with the color to create something unique. In the color and fill tools, you will find different options such as solid color, gradient, color wheel, and color picker. You can apply any color and add a color code as well. Apart from this, there is also a media button in the color and fill that helps you to replace pictures in your project.

Border and shadow.

Border and shadow are two of the many tools available in Alight Motion. They help content creators add frames and borders around their objects. The shadow tools add a realistic drop shadow to create depth in the design. These tools also help in changing colors of the border, making it thick, and changing the opacity, direction, blur, and distance of the shadow. To access these tools, you must tap on a layer and choose Border and Shadow.

Blending and opacity.

Blending and opacity are also important tools in Alight Motion that help content creators to further polish their projects. The blending mode in Alight Motion helps you to blend different colors with variation. For example, in Alight Motion, you will find Darken, Lighten, Contrast, Difference, Color and Mask to apply to your project. After applying these, you can adjust opacity to make the layer partially transparent or completely invisible. To find this tool, you have to tap on any layer and click on Blending and opacity.

Move & Transform.

Move & Transform is one of my favorite tools in Alight Motion. It helps you to change the direction, size, skew and rotation of the object. Other than this, if you love creating animation videos, then Move and Transform will be your go-to option. Because keyframe, bezier will also be available in this category. To find Move and Transform, you must tap on the layer and choose Move and Transform.

Edit points.

In Alight Motion, Edit points is one of the best tools that help you to manipulate shapes you have already made for your project. With this tool, you can select any point of the shape and move it or modify according to your need. Moreover, you can also select and deselect any shape and minus it as well. At the end, you can also add more than one contour and delete it as well. To find this tool, you have to click on the layer and choose Edit Points.


To enhance the overall look and feel of your project, there is one tool that you must try, and that is Effects. In Alight Motion, you can find hundreds of effects and apply the one that better suits your project. For example, color correction, blur, distortion, motion blur, and many others. You are not only just able to apply an effect, you can also change the properties such as intensity, duration, and others. So, in short, Effect tools are necessary for any video editor who wants to achieve high-class results for their projects.

Free hand drawing.

From the name, you can get the idea that it’s about drawing by hand. This tool lets you choose three types of brushes and draw freely. Not only that, you can also choose a color and erase your drawing as well. While drawing, you can also adjust the brush size according to your need. So, this tool is ideal for adding a personal touch to your project by adding hand-drawing. To access this tool, you need to click on the + button and select Freehand Drawing.

Vector drawing.

Vector drawing is another powerful tool offered by Alight Motion. With the help of this tool, you can create geometric shapes, curves, paths, and edit them as well. Vector drawing is useful for creating logos, icons, or any shapes that need to be drawn for your project. Apart from this, you can also edit a shape from a specific point and modify it accordingly. To access this tool, you have to click on the + button and select vector drawing. You can also check the Guide, how to move pivot point in Alight Motion.

Text tool.

The text tool is a basic tool that every content creator needs the most. It is extremely useful to add titles, captions, and other text-based elements to your project. With the help of this tool, you can change the size, color, and fonts before writing in your project. Apart from this, you can also add custom fonts to complement your project. To access this tool, you must click on the + button and choose text.


Layer tools allow you to add, manage, and remove layers in your project. It is extremely helpful to organise everything on a separate layer, for instance, video layer, text layer, shape layer, audio layer, and others. With that, you can also control properties of every single layer separately. The best thing about the layer tool is you can group all the layers under one to handle complex projects easily.

Clipping mask.

Alight Motion offers another great tool “Clipping Masks”. With the help of a clipping mask, you can clip one layer to another layer to hide or reveal any specific part of the project. With the help of this tool, you can clip the text to the video, create design, and animation with ease. The only requirement that needs a clipping mask is you must have two layers for clipping. So, if you’re an Alight Motion user, clipping masks will be a great tool for you.

These are the set of tools offered by Alight Motion. Every tool offers different functionality and complements each other to create something unique. So, it is necessary to learn the usage of these tools before creating something professional.

Importance of Establishing a Workflow

For content creators, establishing a workflow is essential for efficient and effective work. It helps you stay organized, manage your time, and achieve your desired results within the given time frame. Moreover, it also helps you track your performance and identify problems that need to be fixed. A well-established workflow also allows you to collaborate with other professionals as it helps to understand the complexity of a project easily and determine what needs to be done. In short, it is a great way to work in a team and maintain the flow of the editing process.

Basic workflow in Alight Motion.


Alight Motion is a professional video editing application that helps maintain the workflow for basic to complex projects. From deciding the project ratio to importing media files, and from creating layers to adding effects, Alight Motion offers all in a well-organised way. The basic workflow starts with importing the media files and keeping them organised on the streamline.

To do so, you can click on media and import video, audio and image files from your device to the timeline. After importing files, you can rearrange them to maintain the workflow. Once the files are on the timeline, users can start doing basic editing, such as timing and cropping, to remove the unwanted piece of content. After that, Alight Motion allows you to add effects and adjust their properties, like color correction, filters, and transitions.

Now, if you have completed the editing process and want to export the file in your desired format, you just need to click on the exporting option and choose the resolution and format. All of this can be done in a very precise manner, thanks to the user-friendly interface of Alight Motion, which helps to maintain the workflow.


Alight Motion offers a wide range of tools, from basic trimming to adding keyframes to animate your objects. It has all that a user could demand, including vector graphics and drawing tools to create shapes according to your wishes. Moreover, if you want to modify existing shapes, you can also do so with the edit shape tool. To change the look and feel of the project, color correction is more than useful. All these tools require a maintained workflow. Thanks to Alight Motion’s straightforward interface, everything stays inline and in manageable form to maintain a great workflow.

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