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Alight Motion Presets for Professional-Level Videos.

It is hard to sit on a chair for hours to edit videos and render them in any format. What if I tell you the way that eliminates all of your time and helps you enhance work efficiency? Alight Motion presets are the way to do editing work as fast as you want. All you need is to apply the presets on your project, and You’re ready to export your project. Presets can make work easier, improve quality and help you to save time. So, get ready to take your video editing skills to the next level with the Alight Motion presets. We’ve compiled a list of top presets that you can easily download and apply to your projects.

Why Alight Motion presets a powerful tool for video creators?

Presets are a powerful tool that helps you save time and achieve excellent results with effortless work in the video editing process. Presets are ready-made templates based on visual effects, animation, and settings that you can apply to your footage for quick results. Presets not only help you save time but they are also highly effective for a consistent look and feel in your video without spending much time on settings.

Benefits of using Alight Motion presets.

Presets are highly beneficial for any video creator. Below are some of the benefits of using presets.

1. Time-saving machines.

Presets are time-saving machines that help you to accomplish your desired look with a few clicks. For example, if you have achieved results in video editing projects by spending hours on them. With the help of Alight Motion, you can achieve this in no time. You just need to open your project, apply the presets, and that is it. It is far better than working manually on a project.

2. Beneficial for beginners.

Presets are very helpful for the beginner because presets are an incredibly useful tool as they enable users to achieve professional-looking results quickly and easily. Achieving a professional look in video editing requires a lot of time and advanced skills. That is why presets are so effective for anyone who does not know about advanced video editing skills. Despite this, if you’re working for any brand, you have to create many videos and remain consistent in terms of color grading, formats, and sound setting. For that matter, presets also help because once you create a preset for a brand, then you can edit as many videos as you can with consistent results.

How to apply and customize presets in the Alight Motion?

Before applying and customizing any preset, you need to import the preset in the Alight Motion. You can import any preset using two ways: First, You download the presets in your device and then import it. Second, you can import presets directly via a link.

To import the presets, follow these steps.

  • Download the preset from your favorite source.
  • Click on the preset and open it with Alight Motion.
  • Your presets are imported in Alight Motion.

To import the preset from the link, follow these steps.

  • Open your favorite source where you have found the presets.
  • Click on the link, and it will ask you to either download or open it directly in Alight Motion.
  • Click on open with Alight Motion, and that is t. You have imported the presets.

Note: Alight Motion shows all of your presets in the project window.

If you want to customize any presets, follow these steps.

  • Click on the presets in the project menu and it will open in Alight Motion.
  • Now tap on the presets layer and the menu will open.
  • In the menu, you can open the desired setting that you want to change in presets.
  • For example, I want to change the movement set in presets.
  • I will click on “Move and transform” and change the setting.
  • After changing the settings, go back to the original window and check the preview.

Note: You can change almost any setting of any preset.

Tips on Choosing & Customizing Presets for Your Brand Aesthetic

Applying and customizing preset is easy, but choosing the right preset that fits your brand aesthetic is hard. For this, we have listed down some points based on our experience.

1. Choose the Right Preset

Choosing the right preset will require you to understand the brand aesthetic. For example, what your brand is about, what kind of theme your brand is following, what type of color scheme a brand has, and which font a brand uses. By considering all these points, it will be easy to choose presets that can match brand aesthetics as if your brand is sleek and modern, you can choose a preset that emphasizes clean lines and bold typography.

2. Color adjustment.

To achieve brand aesthetics, you can play with the colors and do adjustments that match your brand. The best thing about the presets is you can not only change the overall colors, but you can also change the individual color effect to achieve a certain look.

3. Control the opacity.

Opacity is a great tool that helps you to make the effect subtle or more pronounced. With the help of opacity, you can apply presets to any layer and change the opacity to highlight certain things more accurately just like text.

4. Adjust the timing.

If you’re making animation for your brand and you have imported a preset, that timing needs to adjust to match the original project. You can do it easily by slowing down and speeding up the pace.

Apart from this, if you’re not satisfied with the premade presets. You can make one for your brand or pay someone to make one for yourself specifically for your brand.

Using Alight Motion Presets for Business Videos

Alight Motion makes it easy to use presets for any digital business. As a video maker, you can use presets in the following ways.

  • As a video creator you can use Presets in social media marketing projects. For example, if you’re working with beauty brands, then you can use presets to create vibrant animation and text overlays.
  • As a video creator, you can also use presets for video ad-making. For example, if you’re working for any retail shop, then you use presets to achieve a professional look for their video ads to show their product lineup.
  • Not only this, there is not any digital business that doesn’t need content. As a creator, you can make a lot of content very fast for youtube videos by applying presets.

So, anywhere you’re creating a video you can use presets.

Alight Motion presets are free to download.

For user ease, we have combined a list of different presets that you can use for any video project. Make sure to download the presets and share the results with us.

Frequently Asked Question.

To add presets to Alight Motion, you need to download the presets from a reliable source. After downloading the preset file, click on it and open it with Alight Motion. If you want to add presets from a link, simply click on the preset link and open it directly in Alight Motion. This way, the presets will be added to Alight Motion.

Alight Motion presets are pre-made templates that can be applied to any content to achieve instant desirable results. They save hours of time and work seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms.

Alight Motion provides a variety of presets, including both free and paid options. The free presets can be obtained from the official website and imported into Alight Motion on your device. However, the paid presets require a premium subscription, which can be obtained by making a payment.



In Conclusion, Alight Motion presets are a great way to automate your streamlined projects. If you want to consistently achieve a professional look for your project you can use presets. It can save you tons of time and help you to focus on other major projects as well. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the world of Alight Motion presets and take your skills to the next level.

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