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Alight Motion No Watermark: Create High-Quality Videos

It doesn’t feel good when you work on an editing project but the outcome comes with a watermark. As a video editor, you want to make your video professional without any distractions, but the presence of a watermark makes your video unprofessional and takes away all of your efforts. This is a real problem but do not need to worry because our team researched a lot, and comes with an Alight Motion no watermark.

Alight Motion no watermark.

Explanation of watermark in Alight Motion.

Alight Motion is a professional motion graphics and video editing application available for iOS and Android users. It solved the problem of affording bulky pc and heavy software. It comes with all the pro features that you got in premium software like adobe premiere and after effects. It allows you to export your videos in multiple formats up to 4k video resolution. Alight Motion offers two versions paid and free. The Free one comes with limited functionality and a watermark on the final exporting videos. However, the paid one has more functionality and no watermark.

Good news for PC users! Now you can download Alight Motion for your computer. Experience the same powerful features and intuitive interface on a larger screen.

Watermark is a type of semi-transparent logo that you can experience while exporting your videos from the Alight Motion. The purpose of the watermark is to promote the products. Because the company wants to convert as many users as it can. Because as a video editor, you can’t use your video for personal and commercial purposes due to the watermark on it. So, for the user, it is necessary to go for a premium subscription. But if you’re not interested in the premium version and you want to remove the watermark. We have a solution to this problem.

Why may the user want to remove the watermark?

Watermark is a bigger problem, and there can be several reasons why people want to remove it. For example, it can be a distraction, especially if you’re making videos for commercial purposes and the watermark can’t let you express your work professionally. That is why you may want to remove the watermark.

Affordability is another way of removing the watermark. Because it is a common problem for one who doesn’t have enough money to spend, and most probably he is looking for freebies. Download Alight Motion for iOS.

Methods to Remove the watermark.

There are methods to remove the water from the Alight Motion including paid and free ones.

Upgrade to the Pro version

If you’re working on the free version and you want to remove the water from the videos. You can upgrade to the pro version by spending some money. It is so far the best and safest method, and there is no risk involved in it. Check the Guide How to get Alight Motion pro for free. Download Alight Motion by visiting download page.

Explanation of pro features.

As we earlier discussed instead of a watermark, there are many reasons that you may want to upgrade the Alight motion. Because the free version comes with limited features and you can’t use it to the fullest for making professional videos. If you upgrade to the pro version you can find access to the advanced features with the latest updates. Some of the advanced features of Alight motion.

  • Keyframe animation.
  • Masking.
  • Vector graphics
  • Color correction.
  • Advance layers.
  • Chroma key.
  • Audio editing
  • Exporting in multiple formats.

How to upgrade to the Pro version?

How to upgrade to the Pro version?

Upgrading to the pro version is an easy task. All you need to do is to install the Alight Motion on your device from the Play Store/App Store. Once you install it, open the Alight Motion and it will show you a popup that will ask you to go for the premium version. Click on subscription and put your credit card details and that is it. You have done it.

Using the Mod Apk version.

Mod APK is another way to remove the watermark from your videos. Mod Apk stands for modified Android package kit. It is a way to modify the original version of the application code by the developer to increase its functionality.

For example, in most cases, developers modify the original application to access the premium content and additional features without paying for it. For instance, if a developer modified a game, you will be surprised to see all the levels are unlocked with unlimited currency.

Where to download MOD APK for Alight Motion?

To download the Alight Motion MOD APK, you need a reliable source. Because there is also a risk involved. For example, if you installed a modified version of the application, you can also face malware or virus problems on your device. That way your device data can be at risk.

To solve this, we have a list of reliable sources that lets you download the mod apk version safely.

How to install MOD APK and remove watermarks?

Please follow the steps to install Mod apk and remove the guide.

  • Go to the settings on your Android device and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Download the MOD APK from a trusted source onto your device.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file using your file manager and tap on it to begin the installation process.
  • That is it you have installed the mod app.

Frequently Asked question

To remove the Alight Motion watermark you must consider the pro subscription. However, if you don’t afford to get the pro version, you can use a free trial or participate in the giveaways to get the pro version. There are some third party websites which also offer to remove watermarks and allow you to download the Alight Motion pro version file.


In Conclusion, this was a guide on Alight Motion no watermark. Alight motion is a great application that lets you create a video for personal and commercial usage. Alight Motion comes in two versions, paid and free. The free one has a watermark on the video and the paid one has more features and lets you create a video without the watermark. Watermark is a semi-transparent logo that you can experience on your video while exporting it. There are different ways to remove the watermark. Follow the guide to remove the watermark.

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