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Alight Motion 5.0: The Newest Version of the Best Video Editing App.

Alight Motion is a motion graphics and video editing application that enables users to edit videos, create animations, and apply visual effects. Today, Alight Motion released a new update, Alight Motion 5.0. This update includes new features that can help content creators achieve professional-level results.

Alight Motion 5.0

version 5.0

1. Time Remapping.

Previously, there was no way to make footage slow or fast in Alight Motion. However, this update introduces a time remapping feature that allows users to make videos either slow or fast paced.

2. Template Editor

Templates are a great way to speed up editing work and save time. In this update, Alight Motion offers a Template Editor that will help content creators edit premade templates and swap the content. It also allows users to create their own templates, save them, and share them.

3. Creator Rewards

Alight Motion introduces new features called “Create, Share, and Earn.” If you are a content creator, you can join this program. All you need to do is create high-quality content and share it with others. The more people download your content, the more points you will earn. Based on these points, you will receive rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Alight Motion Pro subscriptions, and gift cards.

4. New Effects

Alight Motion has also updated its effect library. Now, you will see new effects, including color balance, chromatic zoom blur, and warp blur.

5. Keypad Entry

Keypad entry is the latest option for content creators to add precise values while editing or creating animations. For example, you can add manual entries while using opacity, position, and rotation.

In addition to these features, content creators can also experience a new Creator tab on the main interface of Alight Motion. This tab shows the top creator of the month. As a content creator, you can also join this program to see your ranking. To join this program, you must have social handles, such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

You will also experience a new Presets tab in the workspace. This tab allows you to preview the preset that you want to apply and discover more presets.

Finally, in the Tool menu, you can also find empty groups and element projects.


These newly added features will help content creators have more control over editing. Alight Motion 5.0 is a powerful update that comes with great features and improvements. So, what are you waiting for? Download Alight Motion now!

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