After effects vs Alight motion

After effects vs Alight motion Comparison which is better

It is not hard to differentiate between After Effects vs Alight Motion. You just need to make the choice you’re comfortable with, or you have to rely on others’ opinions about which is better Alight or After Effects.

It also depends upon your style of work. For example, what kind of task do you want to perform with one of these motion graphics apps? To clarify the confusion, I will draw the line according to my personal experience and research.

Both apps can perform any task effectively, but there are some ways that make the difference between them.

Adobe After Effects is computer and Mac motion graphics software that isn’t available for mobile users. It is highly appreciated by filmmakers, VFX artists, and video makers. You can produce different animations, giving style to the text and adding motion to the text specifically.

Alight Motion or video star – which one can win the vote if we make a fair comparison between them.

After Effect Stats

The first version of After Effects was released in January 1993 by Science and arts company, and then Adobe adopted it. To make the after-effects more effective and to enhance its functionality you can also use third-party plugins, scripts, and extensions.

On the contrary, Alight Motion is a mobile-based video animation and motion graphics app that you can use for any project. You can also use it on iOS and Mac.


Like After Effects, You can also edit videos, produce stylish animation and apply different effects. In comparison to After Effects, Alight Motion recently developed an app on 12/22/2019.

Technically you can end the debate here because After Effects is a computer-based software mostly used by big companies on a larger scale. On the other hand, Alight Motion is a mobile-based app.

But if you want to use Alight Motion on a PC, You can use an emulator. Both applications are paid and have great features which can serve you in any way efficiently. You can also check the Guide: Alight Motion vs Capcut.

After effects vs Alight motion

When it comes to features, After Effects and Alight motion have countless features.

Adobe After Effects Features.

  • Virtual Reality effects.
  • Virtual Reality Title & Graphics.
  • Ability to create virtual reality effects.
  • VR Comp editor.
  • You can create Nulls from path panels.
  • You can enhance the 3D pipeline.
  • Availability of Motion Graphics template.
  • Keyboard shortcut.
  • Menu
  • A different set of tools.
  • Virtual Reality converter.
  • Virtual reality Rotate Sphere.
  • GPU Accelerated Effects.
  • Auto Save Project.
  • Ability to collaborate.
  • Ability to use it with other applications like Adobe Premier.
  • Different Export Options.
  • Tools to craft stylish animations.

Alight Motion Features.

  • Ability to create multi-layers.
  • Ability to use keyframe animations.
  • Different Visual Effects.
  • Ability to create parent and child layers.
  • Character Rigging.
  • Grouping and Masking.
  • Color adjustments
  • Different presets and Ease of work.
  • Different options to export projects.
  • Ability to share the projects.
  • Ability to use custom fonts.
  • Ability to save favorite elements.
  • Video resolution scalability.
  • Blender modes.

Price Difference

Both applications are paid, and you must pay a significant amount to get either one of them. However, Alight Motion also offers a free version of the app, While After Effects Provides a 30-day free trial. In 30-day free trials, you will get full access to the software and test all the features to decide whether you will pay for next month or end here.

On the other hand, the free version of the Alight Motion is restricted and can’t offer full features. In the free version some features and effects will not be available , and you will export the final video with a watermark. After finishing the exported video, you may also experience some ads in the alight motion.

In simple words, this is a way to decide whether alight motion can fulfill your need or not. If it can fill the gap, you can buy it, If not, you can deny it. also provides applications according to your profession. For example, You can purchase as Individuals, businesses, Students & Teachers, School & Universities. You can also read about Alight Motion vs Kinemaster.

Adobe after effectsAlight Motion
Windows, Mac, Saasiphone, Ipad, Android.
Motion grahics, VFX SoftwareSofware for quality animaition & visual effects.
Free trails for 30-dayFree version with limited features.
Founded in 1982Founded in 2018

Is Alight Motion better than after effects?

It is hard to say Alight Motion is better than After effects because as I earlier said, both have great features and You might like some features in after effects and some in alight motion.

After Effects provides ease of use, as you can use it on a large screen with the integration of other software like adobe premier, audition, and media encoder.

Big corporations use after effects for filmmaking and tv serial. On the other hand, alight motion is for the mobile user and you can’t enjoy the ease of work because of cell phones’ small screens.

It can be best for those who don’t want to go on computers and laptops for editing and most probably, they are working on small projects.


So, it was the guide on after effects and Alight Motion. Suppose you want to work professionally on a computer; Adobe After is better than alight motion. Contrarily, Alight Motion is a perfect choice if you want to edit short videos for TikTok, youtube with animation on a mobile phone. However, you can follow your choice; there is no stickiness on that.

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